The Tiny story of me
I’m Hans-Michael Testmann. Graphic designer from Designskolen Kolding, a
design school in Denmark.
I’ve worked freelance as part of strong community offices, tought graphic design and over the years I’ve made many different publishments and trade magazines.
Now I work with graphics for Hasle church in Aarhus, approximately 10 hours a week. Besides this, I work with my own creations. It’s a desire, a decision and a dream for me to do less commercial work and focus on my own designs and illustrations somewhere in the undefined space between graphic design and art.
Beautiful graphics and solid craftsmanship with professional pride at the center. That’s always my starting point.
I’m tenacious and patient, and I combine untraditional color schemes with aesthetic compositions. In collaboration with the graphic technician, the projects are scrutinized, so as to always ensure the right solution. In so doing, the story always have a good ending.
I’ve worked for:

Aros Applied Biotechnology
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
- Social & Sundhed
- Offentlig Kontor & Administration
- Undervisning & Forskning
Bupl, Aarhus
CABI, Center for Aktiv BeskæftigelsesIndsats
Frie Skolers Lærerforening
Fagbladet Frie Skoler
Hannibal Rejser
Hasle Kirke
Inpress, Uppsala
Kolding Kommune
Kolding Bibliotek
Mandecentret I Aarhus
Niras Konsulenterne
Odense Kommune
Region Midt
Recovery-infonauterne, Aarhus Kommune
Region Midt, Aarhus Universitetshospital
Søren Bræmer Jensen, Psykoterapeut
Vejle Kommune.
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